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Installation and Servicing

At Plumbing Network, we can offer our services to install, service or maintain your unvented hot water system. If you were considering an installation of an unvented hot water system in your home, as a company we highly recommend Megaflow cylinders, as we genuinely believe these to be the best, but we do, and indeed have, installed cylinders from other manufacturers.

Unvented cylinders operate directly from the mains water supply, thus providing a high pressure flow of water, and use an immersion heater to heat the water (this can also be adapted to run off your Boiler) An unvented cylinder has built in safety measures to help support the high water pressure along with expansion of the tank.

The advantage of installing unvented cylinders in your premises is that no additional cold water storage tanks are required. Hot water can be provided constantly by the cylinder at mains pressure. Also an unvented cylinder can be positioned in any suitable location as no other forces such as gravity are affecting the flow of water.

With a wide selection of products it is sometimes difficult to know what product will suit you best. At Plumbing Network, our engineers have a unique knowledge in the industry that’s second to none. We can’t emphasize enough the importance of having a reputable company involved from the outset when considering investing in an unvented hot water cylinder.

You should be aware that there is a requirement for all customers to be issued with a building compliance certificate on completion of works as part of your home information pack. Plumbing Network will take care of all these details, ensuring a hassle free installation for our customers every time.