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Plumbing Tips

1). Deal with drips! Don’t dismiss a dripping tap or ball valve as an insignificant problem. It’s far better to address the problem early before it gets any worse. If a washer on a ball valve in your central heating header tank is showing signs of beginning to fail, not replacing it can result with water pouring

2). Guard against freezing in the winter months. Taking the time to ensure that any pipe work which may be exposed to freezing conditions is properly lagged can help prevent the pipework from freezing when the temperatures start to plummet. When pipework freezes, it can cause the pipework to expand which can disturb fittings or cause the pipework to split, resulting in leaks when the pipework eventually begins to thaw.

3). Check waste water pipes regularly to ensure they are flowing freely. Bath and shower waste pipes are particularly prone to clogging from hair. Don’t leave it until they become blocked. Check them regularly and remove any debris that may have settled.

4). Be prepared! Although dealing with problems yourself can help save you money, there are certain jobs that will require a professional, and it is always handy to have the number of a reliable experienced tradesman for emergency situations.

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