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Know Where Your Stop Tap Is

It takes just 5 minutes to locate your stop and check it works and this simple exercise may save a lot of problems later. It is often located under the kitchen sink or in the basement.

Outside Tap

Isolate your outside taps in cold weather as water can expand in freezing temperature, any water left in the pipe through the cold winter months may cause the pipes to burst. So make sure to isolate the tap from the inside then drain off any water left in the pipe by opening the outside tap.

Isolation valves

It always best to have these fitted. If you were to have a leak they can be easily located, isolating any leaks preventing extensive damage to your property and still leaving you with water to the rest of the property.

Dripping taps

A dripping tap can be an annoyance as well as a waste of water, over weeks, significant costs can accumulate especially if hot water is dripping from storage tanks. They are normally relatively cheap and easy to fix, often just a replacement washer is needed.

Leaks on Radiator

If a radiator is leaking, isolate it by shutting the valves at either end. To isolate the supply to the radiator, turn both valves clockwise, if the valve has a locksheild cap on it, this will need to be removed so you can get to the valve, the heads of the thermostatic valves should also be removed. Place a bowl to catch the drips.

Speak to the experts

If you are in anyway unsure about DIY plumbing get an expert in. We are here to offer help and advice.