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Boiler Finance - An Affordable Way to Get a New Boiler

Plumbing network offers boiler finance that makes it easy to pay for a much-needed new boiler even when funds are tight. Read on to learn more about this helpful financing option.

Why Boiler Finance

Many homeowners need a new boiler but struggle to pay the upfront costs. Boiler finance through our partner Kanda offers competitive rates to finance a new, efficient boiler over time.

What is boiler finance?

  • A loan product that spreads out
  • boiler replacement costs over time
  • Offered by plumbing companies in partnership with finance providers
  • More affordable than paying boiler costs upfront
  • Allows you to get a new boiler installed right away
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Benefits of boiler finance

  • Pay over time
  • Monthly payments rather than one large lump sum
  • Easier on your budget

Get an efficient new boiler sooner

  • Finance lets you install a new boiler when you need it
  • Avoid living with an outdated, inefficient boiler
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May have lower interest than alternatives

  • Specialized boiler finance often has better rates than general lending
  • Check rates and compare financing options

How our boiler finance works

Apply through Kanda Finance
  • We partner with Kanda to offer boiler finance
  • The application process is quick and easy

Approved customers can get a new boiler installed

  • Once approved, we’ll install your new boiler right away
  • Repay the cost in monthly installments

Interest rates are competitive

  • Kanda offers specialized boiler finance rates
  • Usually lower than alternatives like credit cards

Get started with Boiler Finance